Corporate Vision

As a law firm, we have been offering inventive and reliable legal advice with strong business acumen for nearly 20 years.


The partners in our law firm each serve as the primary point of contact for different areas of expertise:

  • Horst Fössl: Procurement Law, Construction Law, Real Estate Law, and Contract Law
  • Nora Michtner: Shareholder Disputes, Corporate Law, and Insurance Law
  • Alexander Singer: Corporate Law, Shareholder Disputes, and Liability of Executives (CEOs, authorized officers, managers)

We are highly specialized in these fields.

Moreover, we assume organizational roles within companies (e.g., supervisory board, foundation board), thereby taking on direct responsibility for our clients’ enterprises.

Our services are aimed at clients from both the private and public sectors. This range of services includes ongoing advice as well as project-based work. We represent our clients’ interests with their contractual partners, as well as in court and with authorities.

We take pride in success. Especially that of our clients.

In delivering our services, we focus on legally sound and economically sensible solutions. Clear and timely communication with our clients is important to us.

Our work is characterized by a fast pace and result orientation. Challenging tasks motivate us to make the impossible possible. We continuously enhance this quality through our internal control system.

We regularly give lectures in our areas of expertise to keep ourselves and our clients up-to-date.

Through the establishment, organization, and participation in (international) networks, we expand our know-how and build contacts and relationships with other experts and decision-makers.

We are the only firm in our industry to offer a network for corporate lawyers and non-lawyers who regularly face legal issues. This network, titled zweiter montag allows for the exchange of experience and development at the highest level – not only through legal training but also through personal and cultural topics.

As professionals, we recognize our limits and execute interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with partners from other fields of expertise.

For top management in business and administration, we are recognized conversational partners for legal as well as entrepreneurial matters.

For Austrian companies operating in Europe, we handle their legal cases through corresponding lawyers. For international companies, we undertake legal cases in Austria.

Our employees leverage interesting and challenging tasks to expand their wealth of experience. When faced with heavy workloads and tight deadlines, we achieve excellence through teamwork.

Our high level of organization and the expertise of our staff enable us to tackle exceptional questions.

Mistakes made with clients or employees are openly addressed and form the basis for the development of our quality standards.

Through active market development and the expansion of our business fields, we aim for controlled and deliberate growth. This gives our clients a broader range of services.

Our goal is for our employees to be joyful and proud members of our team.

The work environment is characterized by mutual respect. The element of fun in daily work is also important to us; only then can peak performance be achieved under pressure.

Our employees have career opportunities, further fostered by individually tailored training programs.

Our partners are responsible for employee information and ensure transparent information flow between all business areas. In addition, employees also see information as something to be actively sought.

Regular communication helps us achieve a high level of information. Open, timely, and direct communication is a priority.

Constructive criticism is welcome and serves for further development.

We develop sustainable solutions for our clients. Through reliability, punctuality, and flexibility, we expand the number of our loyal customers. Recommendations and active acquisition lead to a steady growth in clientele.

We maintain a balanced work-life ratio, contributing to the company’s future sustainability.

We provide complete cost and performance transparency. Precise billing and traceability are of utmost importance. Our clients are informed in advance about the billing modalities, giving them financial predictability.

Even lawyers have a cash flow.

We take social responsibility seriously and actively contribute to those who need support.

We welcome your suggestions for further distinguishing features at office(at)