Corporate Law

  • Business and Company Formation
  • “Corporate Housekeeping”
  • Compliance and Data Protection Law
  • Business Succession

In the interdisciplinary field of corporate law, we provide individualized advice tailored to your specific needs, from business formation, through the growth phase and operational management of your company, to issues of business succession.

With our extensive experience in advising prominent domestic and international companies, we are your competent and efficient point of contact in the following areas:

  • Business Formations
  • “Corporate Housekeeping” (Ongoing Corporate Law, Handling Company Registry Matters, Advisory Services for Corporate Bodies, In-house Training)
  • Compliance and Data Protection Law
  • Legal Interface for Your Tax Consultation
  • Legal Advice on Financing Measures
  • Ongoing Legal Advice

Legal certainty is an indispensable foundation for every sustainable business success. The legal framework for entrepreneurial activities has become increasingly complex due to European integration and legislative initiatives to tighten compliance and transparency regulations. Therefore, it is advisable to seek competent legal advice for all significant business transactions. Your entrepreneurial quality should be complemented by the corresponding quality and efficiency of your legal advice!

For outsourcing your ongoing legal matters, we offer specialized consulting in “Outsourcing of Legal Departments.”

For the outsourcing of your ongoing legal agendas, we are at your disposal with our consulting focus on “Outsourcing of Legal Departments”.