Inheritance Law

  • Wills, Powers of Attorney and Living Will
  • Representation in Probate Proceedings
  • Inheritance Lawsuits
  • Private Foundation Law

We advise you on the possibilities of structuring the succession of inheritance and the allocation of individual assets, as well as related tax implications, and create your ideal will.

We are pleased to register your will in the Testament Register, ensuring its safe discovery in the event of death and preventing misuse.

If you are an heir or have been bequeathed specific assets by the deceased, it is advisable to seek legal counsel. We evaluate your situation and legal options. If necessary, we represent you in estate proceedings to safeguard your rights.

Especially if you, as a child or spouse, inherit nothing or too little, consulting a lawyer is essential. We assist you in asserting and, if necessary, legally enforcing your claims.

Private Foundation

In addition to inheritance law, we also offer advice in private foundation law. Establishing a private foundation is another method of transferring assets. It is important to consider inheritance law regulations and jurisprudence, as well as tax laws, for every dedication of assets to a private foundation.

When founders pass away, disputes often arise among the beneficiaries. We represent your interests in such disputes and offer solutions to resolve or prevent them, such as forming accounting circles, establishing sub-foundations, or taking on board positions in the foundation’s executive board.