Analysis and Legal Advice for Non-Lawyers

Efficient (and therefore cost effective) counselling requires your participation.

First of all, we ask that you prepare a short (no more than one page) summary of the facts and present your legal problem. In addition, please provide us with copies of any available documentation that is relevant to your case (such as contracts, memoranda, handwritten notes, letters, organisational charts, brochures, newspaper articles, bank statements, etc).

We will review your documents and discuss the following matters with you in a short and coordinated initial consultation.

  • The legal and factual situation,
  • The strategy – ideally before the other side suspects anything,
  • How to proceed.

As long as you do not require a detailed legal opinion, we will provide brief, concise answers to your questions as well as specific recommendations for each task.

We are at your disposal for further information and to analyze your situation.