Debt Collection

  • Demand Letters
  • Judicial Enforcement
  • Execution
  • Contract Drafting

When a debtor falls behind and fails to pay outstanding invoices, it is essential to promptly enforce and collect the outstanding debt.

Initially, we employ extrajudicial measures and draft a legal reminder letter. This demonstrates the creditor’s resolve and often leads to the debtor’s payment.

If this is unsuccessful, litigation is necessary to obtain an execution title. In the case of rent demands, we file rent and eviction lawsuits on behalf of landlords.

Subsequently, we enforce the execution title through compulsory enforcement. This includes:

  • Wage and chattel execution
  • Execution on real estate
  • Debt execution (attachment of a wage or salary claim)
  • Execution on property rights not classified as debts (commercial enterprises, licenses, share rights in undivided property, corporate rights, usufruct, patent and licensing rights, author’s rights to exploit and rights to use works, trademark and company rights)
  • Eviction execution
  • If necessary, registration of the claim and representation in the debtor’s insolvency proceedings (proceedings to determine bankruptcy claims, avoidance actions)

We also advise and represent companies, banks, and insurance firms in drafting contracts and General Terms and Conditions. A legally precise contract, considering all eventualities, is efficiently enforceable and thus the first critical safeguard against debt defaults.

We are at your disposal for further information and to analyze your situation.