Company Law

  • Partnership Agreements, Syndicate Agreements
  • Operational Guidelines, Managing Director Contracts
  • Business Acquisitions (Share Deal, Asset Deal)
  • Restructurings

We possess both entrepreneurial experience and extensive legal expertise in company law through our long-standing practice as attorneys.

Our specialization covers all forms of companies, including partnerships (OG, KG) as well as corporations (GmbH, AG) and private foundations.

Our corporate law advisory encompasses all procedures in companies:

  • Identifying the suitable legal form,
  • Conclusion of partnership and syndicate agreements,
  • Mutual offers (Call and/or Put options),
  • Operational guidelines for management, executive boards, and supervisory boards,
  • Strategic preparation and execution of shareholders’ meetings, general meetings, and annual general meetings,
  • Capital increases and decreases,
  • Restructurings such as mergers, contributions, divisions, reallocations,
  • Business purchases and disposals, due diligence, and
  • Settlement (Liquidation)

We are at your disposal for further information and to analyze your situation.