Liability of Executives

  • Liability of Managing Directors, Board Members, Authorized Officers, and Supervisory Board Members
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Tort Law

Almost every shareholder dispute involves potential corporate and criminal liabilities for managing directors and board members (and sometimes supervisory board members), as disputing shareholders often accuse management and the supervisory board of bias and favoritism towards the other shareholder.

However, the corporate and criminal liabilities of managing directors and board members are also significant independent of shareholder disputes, particularly in relation to major damage events and in the field of economic crime, as is increasingly reported in the media.

To prevent managerial liabilities, we review contracts between executives and their employers and inform them about their rights and duties, as well as the ways to avoid civil liabilities (damages) and criminal responsibilities (prior convictions).

In the event of a liability case, we are available at short notice for an emergency program and to quickly ascertain the facts. The priority in this situation is to do everything possible to prevent further damage and quickly clarify the causes of the liability case. Subsequently, it is vital to collect and develop arguments for one’s own defense.

We also represent entrepreneurs who have been harmed by managing directors or (senior) employees. Our goal is to discreetly minimize the damage to the company, avoiding public attention, by holding the managing director or (senior) employee accountable for damages.

With our expertise in insurance law, we advise both liable entities and injured companies in their cooperation with, and if necessary, in legal disputes against D&O insurance.

We are at your disposal for further information and to analyze your situation.