Litigation Coaching

Litigation is a specialised discipline and not a “supplementary activity” that rounds off other areas of law! We will clarify the following matters with you before any decision about lititgation is made:

  • the facts that are relevant to the decision,
  • the legal situation,
  • the admissibility and strength of your evidence,
  • the creditworthiness of the opponent,
  • the likely legal costs,
  • the risks involved in litigation and your chances of winning,
  • the ratio of your workload connected to the law suit, which cannot be replaced (even in the event that you win the case), to the possible benefits of litigation.

Only after all of the above points have been clarified, should you decide whether or not to engage in litigation.

If you do opt for litigation, then we can offer you extensive coaching to prepare you for your appearance in court, in addition to giving you legal advice.

We are at your disposal for further information and to analyze your situation.