Procurement Law

  • Creation and Review of Tender Documents
  • Strategic Consulting in Procurement Procedures
  • Assistance During the Procedure
  • Representation in Review Procedures

Procurement law is one of the most dynamic areas of law. It is characterized by frequent legislative changes at both national and European levels. Moreover, decisions by the European Court of Justice and national procurement control authorities contribute to the continuous development of procurement law.

We specialize in procurement law and public procurement. In large procurement projects, resources are pooled, and a team of specialists is formed.

We have been advising in the field of procurement law and public procurement for many years. Our expertise in construction and construction contract law, which is of paramount importance especially in large construction and infrastructure projects, complements our consulting spectrum.

We provide cross-disciplinary advice and tailor-made solutions that do not become a burden during the contract term.

We offer comprehensive or step-by-step procurement legal advice for both public clients and bidders in procurement projects.

Our services for clients begin in the planning phase with the preparation of expert opinions and feasibility studies. During the implementation phase, our range of services extends from the announcement of the procurement procedure to the drafting of tender documents, contract preparation, and awarding of contracts.

For bidders, we start by reviewing the tender documents, helping them to accurately assess their risk. We advise on avoiding defects in bids before and during the preparation of the offers. Naturally, we also provide advisory support during negotiations and contract drafting.

In review procedures, we represent clients and bidders before administrative courts at the state and federal levels, as well as before public law tribunals (VwGH, VfGH). We also protect your rights in proceedings before the European Commission and the European Court of Justice. Damage compensation or competition proceedings in civil courts complete our service offerings in this field.

We are at your disposal for further information and to analyze your situation.

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