Litigation Law

  • Civil Procedure Law
  • Administrative Procedure
  • Out-of-Court Settlement Negotiations
  • European Community Law

Litigation law is a specialized discipline. Conducting legal proceedings requires not only competence in the specific field of law being litigated but also detailed knowledge and experience in the relevant procedural rules.

We support you in the enforcement of legal rights before state courts and authorities as well as before arbitration tribunals.

Our team possesses comprehensive expertise and many years of experience in all areas of commercial law and in all procedural regulations (Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO), General Administrative Procedure Act (AVG), arbitration rules, Criminal Procedure Code (StPO), etc.).

Moreover, we are trained in non-legal techniques often crucial to the outcome of a case: rhetoric, questioning techniques, body language, graphical presentation of complex issues, psychology, and more.

This combination of legal competence and soft skills ensures competent and swift pursuit of our clients’ interests, always following economic objectives.

We advise and represent in litigation in the following areas:

  • Banking and Securities Law, Investor Litigation (especially Issuers) as well as Leasing Law (including current claims, i.e., standardized debt collection)
  • Liability of Consultants (covering liability issues of all freelance consultants from architects to tax advisors, auditors, civil engineers, and experts)
  • Construction Law
  • Liability Law, Compensation and Product Liability Law, Warranty Law
  • Administrative Criminal Law
  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Real Estate and Tenancy Law
  • Insolvency Law, Creditor Protection, and Contestation Law
  • Real Estate and Developer Law
  • Procurement Control for Contracting Authorities, Applicants, and Bidders
  • (International) Transport Law

Furthermore, we have comprehensive competence at the community law level, both in the contractual (Rome I Regulation) and non-contractual areas (Rome II Regulation), as well as in international procedural law (Brussels I Regulation).

We are available for further information and to analyze your situation.

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