Real Estate Law

Are you a landlord, developer or an investor? Are you looking to sell your property?

We advise and represent developers, investors, and landlords in

  • the preparation of due diligence
  • analysis of your project
  • drafting sale and purchase agreements (in accordance with current property development laws) as well as rental agreements and leases
  • escrow settlements
  • fiduciary monitoring and implementation in accordance with current propert development laws
  • preparing your condominium contract
  • the preparation and examination of your property management- and facilitiy management contracts

Are you a tenant or leaseholder? Are you looking to buy a property or condo?

We review

  • your rental- or lease agreement
  • your listing agreement
  • your utility bill
  • the amount of your rental fee
  • your tenant and leaseholder rights
  • your sale and purchase agreement
  • your condominium contract

and assert your rights out-of-court, and if necessary, in court.

Are you concerned with real estate management?

We advise and represent property management companies in the event of

  • rent and eviction
  • conflict between the property management and the property owner, as well as between the property management and tenants or homeowners association
  • the threat of liability
  • rental increase process