All-Comprising Legal Services Regarding Private Foundations

Confidentiality is mandatory for attorneys under the law and is a matter of cours for us anyway, especially when it comes to your financial circumstances.

After a comprehensive and confidential meeting with you, in which the question is raised if a private foundation may reasonably meet your expectations, Alexander Singer is there for you in particular to

  • develop a tailor-made structure for your private foundation,
  • to draw up an individual private foundation deed (including supplementary private foundation deed) or to adopt the existing deed to new legal or factual circumstances,
  • to forsightfully plan the question of taking over of a business (generation change in a family business),
  • to help avoiding a fragmentation or breaking appart of assets or businesses,
  • to avoid or win disputes between founders and beneficiaries or disputes between founder families and the board of the foundation (see see chapter 8 of the book of Alexander Singer „GESELLSCHAFTERSTREIT vermeiden oder gewinnen“ (Avoiding or Winning SHAREHOLDER DISPUTES), which has been published by Manz),
  • to represent you in such disputes (also before court),
  • to take over functions as a board member or advisory board member, thereby directly taking responsibility for “your” private foundation,
  • to attempt an exit from the private foundation.

Of course the relevant provision of inheritance law are being obeyed in all of these matters.  mit berücksichtigt.

If members of foundation bodies do wrong, Alexander Singer review the case for possible damage claims and assert whether such claims are reasonably enforceable (coaching in civil litigation). When you are faced with such damage claims as member of the foundation board we analyse the factual and legal situation and inform you about your option to avoid civil law liability (damage claims) and criminal liability (criminal record) (crisis prevention and management in case of managers’ liability).

We are at your disposal for further information and to analyze your situation.