Support in Procurement Projects

Are you awarding a contract?

We offer contracting authorities comprehensive procurement law project support in different working stages:

  • Development of the procurement target
  • Search for alternative methods to traditional calls for tender, such as PPP-models
  • Detailing and illustrating procedures
  • Preparing the tender documents
  • Reviewing existing tender documents
  • Developing methods and evalutation techniques to determine the best tender
  • Coordination and consultation with other specialists (engineers, business economists, chartered accountants)
  • Project-related measures, such as negotiation, documentation, publication
  • Preparation of the award proposal
  • Drafting and granting the bid

Are you bidding?

As a bidder, you are primarily interested in the award of the contract. In order to achieve your goal, it is important not to lose sight of the ultimate purpose of your efforts. We can offer you the following range of services:

  • Advice before and during a current invitation to tender, in terms of tactics and the most legally beneficial strategy
  • Review and evaluation of the tender documents
  • Drafting the bidder inquiries
  • Risk assessment
  • Timely identification of mistakes/defects in the tender process
  • Correspondence with the contractor
  • Analysis of your offer, with the intention of preventing defects in your bid
  • Negotiation and contract drafting
  • Enforcement before courts and public authorities (also see: Litigation)